What to Do If Your Home is Broken Into

The amount of homes broken into each day is on the rise.

With a struggling economy and the lack of employment around the world, people are resorting to illegal means to acquire items.
It is often hardworking families that suffer, as they are the ones that lose their items to the hands of unwanted intruders.

Coming home to a house that has been broken into is a scary situation. Instead of rushing into the home to check on what may or may have not been taken, take a step back and leave. Entering the home and disturbing the crime scene is the worst thing a homeowner can do. Instead, do the following three things to ensure your safety as well as keep any evidence intact.

Don’t Touch Anything

Although it is tempting to go through the home and look for what may be missing or that has been damaged, don’t touch anything. The police will need to collect evidence such as fingerprints and also take photographs of the entry points and items broken. If you touch or move things around, you are disturbing the crime scene and could hinder the process of finding who broke into your home.

Leave the Home

If you have come home from a night out and found indications that your home was broken into, immediately leave. Even if you have to get into your car and go across the road, do not stay at the home. The reason that it is important that you leave is that the intruder could be inside. If you or your family entered the home while the intruder was still inside, you would be at great risk of physical harm. Imagine walking in to the home to find the intruder in the bedroom taking your wife’s jewelry. Your presence would surprise him and he may become extremely dangerous in an effort to escape. Plus, entering the home could also disturb key evidence that may have been left by the intruder.

Call for Help

After you are in a secure location, call the police. Tell the dispatcher what has happened and let her know that you have left the home and have not touched anything. You will be asked how you knew your home was broken into, such as if you found the door kicked in. Be sure to give the dispatcher your contact number where the police can get in contact with you once it is safe to return to your home. You will be required to talk to the police and help with identifying what is missing (if any) and provide information about how you discovered the home was broken into. You can expect the police to dust for fingerprints and take photographs throughout your home. Be sure that a police report is filed and everything is documented, as you will need that report to file an insurance claim.


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