How to Get a Quote on Home Security Systems

We all tend to jump the gun when making a big purchase. That sudden surge of energy we feel when committing to something is what some say is retail therapy. However, it is never suggested to jump into big purchases such as a home security system without spending time evaluating your options.

The different types of home security systems available in the market today are amazing. There is practically a system for every need. With those features come hefty prices, which can blow a budget to pieces. The best way to get what you want and to know the price beforehand is to obtain several quotes from security system dealers. Obtaining a quote is not as hard as it may seem, and can actually end up scoring you a really awesome deal.

1. Create a list of reputable home security system dealers. Ask your friends and family who installed their system. If none of the people you know have a home security system, then look in the phonebook for a local dealer or go online and search for dealers who have excellent reviews.

2. Decide what features is a must and which you can live without. The dealers that offer home security systems will ask you what features you are interested in when it comes to protecting your home. Consider a system that offers 24/7 monitoring.

3. Call each security system dealer. Contact the dealers in the morning or right after lunch.

4. Tell the dealers what you are looking for. Be direct and specific with the dealer. Don’t fall into their sales pitch right away. Ask specific questions such as pricing, what is included in the package, what is items that are not included, how long is the wait to get the system installed, what will happen if the installer causes damage to the home, what can you expect during the installation and so forth. Give direct questions and don’t settle for less than direct answers.

5. Arrange a date and time for the dealer to inspect your home. It would be nearly impossible for a dealer to give a correct estimate without inspecting your home. So to prevent incorrect figures, offer for the dealer to come to your home to see the layout and discuss your options.

6. Ask for a quote in writing. When a dealer gives you a quote, always ask for it in writing. Although a person’s word is suppose to be just as good, it is not valid in court. Having a quote in writing offers some protection if the dealer decides to raise the cost while the installation is taking place. Be sure that the quote includes everything that is included, any agreed discounts, how long the installation would take and his signature. Below his signature should be his printed name and telephone number.