Three Tips to Prevent Home Break-Ins

No one wants to have a home break-in, but in reality, this happens almost every second of the day around the world. In order to prevent this from happening to you, there are a few things you can do to make your home an uninviting place for intruders.

Use an Automatic Lighting Device

There are devices available at your local hardware store that regulates the flow of electricity to items based on a set schedule. These devices are often used for Christmas lights, which are to be turned on at night and off in the morning. They are also used to turn on spotlights that project light against the landscape. These automatic lighting devices have a multitude of uses, and can be used indoors as well.


Using these automatic lighting devices indoors is a great way to prevent a break-in. By plugging your television as well as a few lamps into this device and setting it to turn on when it is dark and off when the sun rises in the morning, it will appear that someone is at home when you are really out of town.

Keep in mind that this type of device should only be used when you are out of town. Otherwise, you may become annoyed with the device turning on your lights and keeping them on till the next morning.

Install a Home Security System

A home security system is the best way to prevent a break-in. Not only will an alarm sound and the proper authorities be notified if the security is breached in your home, there are warning signs that you place around your home notifying potential intruders that your home has an active system.

The way the security system works is that each entry point is secured with device that will send a signal to the control panel if it is opened. The control panel is where you can activate or deactivate the security system. Once the system is activated and you arrive home, you have a certain amount of time – usually 30 seconds or less – to enter the security code into your panel to deactivate the system. Failure to do so in that amount of time will cause the system to alert the monitoring service of an intruder and they will dispatch the police.

Stop Mail and Newspaper Delivery When Out of Town

Intruders often survey an area before deciding on what house to break into. One of the biggest signs that a house is currently unoccupied is by a build-up of newspapers and mail. If an intruder drives by your home and finds several newspapers in your driveway, they automatically assume that you are out of town since you have not been picking up your papers each morning. The same applies to your mail.